- A Managed Wireless Network Architecture

What is Meghadoot?

The project involves implementing a network architecture (Meghadoot) for wireless networks and the routing protocol in kernel space. The network architecture tries to reduce the overhead in a Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) by introducing an Infrastructure Node (IN). All the moblie nodes(MN) would register with the IN, which would preserve this information. The MNs would also refresh their identity with the IN. Every route request is sent to the IN which would perform centralised routing and would reply complete source route from source to destination. Communication between the MNs, thus, uses source routing. This paper contains a thorough description of meghadoot along with the performance results.

Megh Screenshot (Small)
Meghadoot architecture

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The current version of Meghadoot, implemented as a kernel modeule is available here. Please compile it using the script and run it using the script Look at the script inside it to know how to run it.

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