- A Hybrid Wireless architecture

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Ad hoc Zone (AZ)

Ad hoc zone is the region beyond a control zone. All nodes that do not lie within a distance of MAX_CZ_RADIUS-hops from the IN belong to an AZ. There can be many such AZs disjoint from each other. An IN only provides limited routing information to the MNs in an AZ as no information is maintained about AZ nodes. MNs in an AZ communicate with MNs inside a CZ through the gateway node, which acts as an interface.

In an AZ routing is performed on-demand. When a MN has data to transfer, it sends a route request, which is flooded through the network2.1. However, when this route-request reaches the gateway node, the gateway does not flood it. The gateway node unicasts the route request to the IN, which in turn reduces control traffic in the CZ.